(i) Medicinal Chemistry: Additional chemical synthesis based on the lead agent either empirically or utilitising existing chemical library facilities.

(ii) Physicochemical Evaluation: Determination of solubility, aggregation potential and permeability characteristics.

(iii) Pharmacokinetic Profiling: Evaluation of susceptibility to metabolism by microsomes and estimation of relevant pharmacokinetic data (half-life, clearance, volume of distribution) in animals.

(iv) Preliminary Toxicology Screening: In vivo assessment of acute toxicity in animals (changes in behaviour, measurement of plasma markers of liver/kidney/cardiac damage), genotoxicity (Ames test) and determination of cytotoxicity using mouse liver and cardiac cell lines in vitro.

(v) Intellectual Property analyses: An evaluation of intellectual property value of the project including patentability searches and competitive market analyses will be performed. If warranted filing for preliminary patent protection will be undertaken through ILO.